Painters Hardware Corp

Services We Provide


We maintain a well equipped repair shop and count as our
customers many of the largest paint contractors in Texas.
Our parts inventory is such that the parts needed for a
repair will be in stock more than 90% of the time. All work is
performed on our premises by our employees, except for
certain gasoline engine repairs that we contract out to a
shop specializing in such work. We perform all repairs in the
manner specified by the manufacturer, and have in our shop
all the specialized tools and instruments needed. Each unit is
tested after being repaired, and the defective parts are
returned to the customer. We also sell repair parts to those
wishing to do their own repair work.

Factory Authorized Warranty Repairs

As noted above, we are a factory authorized repair center
for many brands of equipment. We can therefore perform
repairs under the manufacturer’s warranty if needed. Each
manufacturer has its own warranty policies, some very
generous and some very restrictive. We are required to
adhere to these policies. In all cases, written proof of
purchase is required before repairs can be approved.